Sciallino Yacht has presented its new models: Sc27 Ventisette, Sc30 Trenta and Sc36 Trentasei, and has announced its partnership with Luca Maschera, designer, and founder of the Baumarine Shipyard.

Sciallino Yacht is looking to the future: it is moving forward with innovative logic and criteria to offer sea and boating lovers the best in reliability and affordability by launching a new line with a new style. This is a large investment, because they believe that market recovery will reward quality. It is an act of faith in the nautical industry, which has been hard hit by the crisis. Sciallino Yacht chose Luca Maschera because, with  Baumarine, (one of the small shipyards which continued to sell throughout the crisis), he has proven that he is able to balance traditional design with technical, stylistic and building solutions; and because he didn’t want to change, just interpret, the style of Sciallino, while keeping their quality design and construction characteristics.

Sciallino’s style has always been sober with a distinctive Italian flair (less plastic, more wood), safe (they are the only motorboats that expert sailors suggest buying), substantial and concrete (rather than trendy and luxurious), and come from a Ligurian and Italian tradition – the best in Italian-made products.

15 April 2014