If you love your boat, you have to keep up with it daily. Just like a home, managing a boat involves a series of deadlines and payments. Thanks to BoatNote you can keep everything on track and avoid surprises, whether they be fines or unforeseen problems during navigation.

ONE APP, MANY FUNCTIONS – You can monitor the status of your docking contract and its cost, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance that needs to be carried out (from antifouling to polishing the teak wood, painting the deck, or engine maintenance) and set up a series of deadlines that the application will remind you of each time: when do your boat and liability insurance expire? Did you remember to renew the insurance on the tender or have the lifeboat checked? Did you check that the flares and other devices are still in working order? With BoatNote you can travel safe and sound.

You can verify the purchase costs of accessories, as well as variable and fixed yearly costs, from boat space rental to maintenance. Expenses can be seen as a chart (a pie chart or graph of yearly expenses). The app also includes a news service on nautical themes, taken from the online magazine newsliguria.com. The app costs €4.49.

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22 October 2013