The sirens in the port at Isola del Giglio rang in the dawn celebrating a successful straightening: after a year and a half, the largest cruise ship that ever sank, was once again floating above the waterline. Thanks to a Guinness World Record-level operation planned by Italian engineers. The parbuckling operations begun Monday morning at 9, finished successfully at 4am. “We took a bit longer, but the results are better,” declared the director of the salvage operations, Nick Sloane.

The final moment was celebrated in a composed fashion, thoughts cannot but go to the bodies of the two people still missing inside the wreckage. Once the ship has been stabilized and made safe over the next few days, explained the head of the Protezione Civile, Franco Gabrielli, recovery operations for the two bodies will be carried out. Afterwards, authorized technicians will proceed with recovering the safes that were in the passenger cabins.

The head of the Costa project, Porcellacchia, promised that the Concordia would be towed out of the port of Isola del Giglio in spring 2014. “In late spring-beginning of summer I think everything will be in place to take it away. We will have to see how the ship settles onto the platforms.”



20 September 2013