With the partial result of 8-1 against the defender Oracle (one more point is needed to win the 34th edition of the America’s Cup), the Kiwis of Emirates Team New Zealand are already thinking about organizing the next edition. As many lovers of the Cup had hoped, it is quite probable that they return to monohulls. It seems that an agreement has already been reached between the New Zelanders and Luna Rossa, who will be the Challenger of Record.

Reconstructing the America’s Cup – The two teams are shouldering a great responsibility, as they will have in hand the chance of building, or rather re-building, a new America’s Cup, ensuring a less ephimeral and more sporty future. For now we do not know on what boat they will run the next Cup, but it will be a fast monohull. What seems mandatory, however, is the timing: between November and December of 2016 the selection of challengers and regattas will take place for February, summer in the southern hemisphere. Trying to relaunch in summer of 2015 might be too early, seeing as they will be working on hulls with a new  formula: there will only be a few months to test them, with the risk of overlapping the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Less elite communication – During an interview with the Sailing Times, Patrizio Bertelli shows that he is already focusing on the future: “We also need,” explains the owner of Luna Rossa, “to be modest enough to have less elite communication, speaking to everyone so as to explain that it is a real event. I hope it will not just be considered an adventure for rich and somewhat crazy sailors. If we are the  Challenger we don’t want to have to worry about this aspect, which is distracting. This goes for the Defender as well. I think an autonomous organization should be created, and a lot will depend on the event sponsor”.

20 September 2013