The port of Genoa viewed from above, with spectacular views of the city, in any weather conditions, is an amazing sight to behold, even more so when you can see it with HD images.

We are talking about Liguria Nautica’s new webcam, an eye directly on the port, the sea and the town centre of Genoa with updates from different angles every 30 seconds. One of the few webcams available online which takes images from different angles of the chosen city. The webcam automatically updates every 30 seconds, and can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Liguria Nautica Webcam is the leader in Italy, and in the world, of webcams in Liguria, with over 3 million page visits per year.

Our cams can also be of service to businesses who want to increase their visibility on the web, for themselves or for their partners or clients.

For example, we have made a bespoke installation for the Base Nautica Mercury and our technicians are available to study solutions for every need.

Businesses who want more web visibility via our webcam can contact us via email at .

28 October 2016