Bad news in the world of ocean sailing and beyond: the 51 year old Chinese sailor Guo Chan, known for having completed, in just 137 days, a journey around the world in a Class 40, has disappeared in the Pacific Ocean.

Guo Chan was trying to beat the record in trans-Pacific travel and had left 7 days before from the American coast on board the former Idec trimaran. His technical land team rang the alarm as soon as they were unable to reach him.

A scout plane quickly found the trimaran, just off the coast of Hawaii, but there was no sign of Guo Chan. The trimaran navigated with a single reef on the mainsail and there were no signs of damage on board. The US Guard went on board, where they unfortunately found the lifejacket. A bad sign that does not give much hope. The US Guard have currently suspended their search.

28 October 2016