We haven’t seen a Boat Show like this for a few seasons: there was a positive air about Genoa in these last few days. Not just optimism, but a belief based on concrete statistics: a full house with many people interested in buying, the Italian nautical industry is showing signs of life for the first time in years and things are looking brighter.

Exhibitors are satisfied, agreeing that this has been a very positive show. Workers and reporters are also happy to see the market moving and the Genoa Boat Show full of life.

“We are all happy – declared the chairperson of UCINA Confindustria Nautica, Carla Demaria. “We registered 126,178 visitors, showing an increase of 9.2 percent compared to last year. 33,618 were foreign visitors, with an increase of over 26.6 percent overall. Genova has proven itself to be the most visited boat show in the Mediterranean. 17.1% growth in turnover, as shared after just a few days of the show’s opening, drew in even more visitors. The foreign exhibitors came back because the internal market has final taken off again. And this growth is in all sectors, no exceptions”.

Alessandro Campagna, Sales Manager of the Genoa Boat Show, is also satisfied, “We are already planning the 2017 show. We have great ideas and projects for next year”.

In sum, it was a fully positive Boat Show, and it looks like Genoa has started selling again, news that gives a positive future for this event. The new format of holding it over fewer days helps exhibitors contain costs and the central role given to sailing works extremely well. Genova has once again become the boat show not to be missed, and the only Italian event working for the nautical industry.

30 September 2016