If you decide to go out to sea these days, it is nearly impossible not to run into a beautiful ship, but if you head towards Portofino, then probability becomes certainty.

A few days ago we found ourselves in front of  Skyfall, a nearly seventy metre vessel launched by the American shipyard Trinity Yachts: a real gem we photographed immediately. This time we did even better, just off of Paraggi our kayak found itself in front of the megayacht, Infinity. We had to go far out in order to give readers of Liguria Nautica a proper gallery of images, but the results were worth it – even though you will be the final judges!

Megayacht Infinity: Spectacular Shots Taken in the Sea

The megaycht, Infinity is a truly stupendous jewel of the seas. It stands out from a distance, towering over the other vessels in the area of Paraggi/Portofino, and after a lot of paddling, we finally reached this splendid creature.

Oceanco Yacht launched the Infinity in 2014. It is a vessel 86 metres long and over 14 metres wide. It flies the flag of the Cayman Islands and can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots, while its cruising speed is just over 15 knots. The megayacht, Infinity was designed to host fourteen people in seven splendid cabins, guests can consider themselves very lucky to be on board such a marvellous vessel.

Technical Schematics for the Infinity

Shipyard: Oceanco Yacht

Year Launched: 2014

Length: 86 m

Width: 14.2 m

Depth: 2.6 m

Maximum Speed: 18.5 knots

Cruising Speed: 15 knots

Guests: 14 people

Crew: 20 people

Cabins: 7

Materials: aluminium and steel

Interior Design: Azure Naval Architechts

Exterior Design: Espen Oeino

Photographs belong to Liguria Nautica, but can be reproduced by citing the source with an active link

Paolo Bellosta

11 September 2016