Under the artistic direction of local singer-songwriter Zibba, starting on 2 July, the evenings at Marina di Varazze will be animated by great names in music. Starting with a celebration along the docks following the lines of a  Buskers Festival for the Opening Party of the season. To follow are a combination of classic and light music concerts, the former curated by Maestro Giancarlo De Lorenzo, Director of the Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo. “After last year’s success, it is a pleasure to get back on board with the Marina di Varazze family” says Zibba “A few events, all of beautiful music, without forgetting the magic this type of place can create.”


2 July: Opening Party and Buskers Festival

The Opening Party will be on Saturday, 2 July: a great and eclectic opening following a “Buskers Festival” style, . The public will be engaged as they watch live music and improvisations in direct contact with the musicians. The stars of the evening will be: Sam & The Band with Samuele Puppo with his new single, being released in this period; Marie and the Sun – who are also releasing a single – a duo mixing together electronica and black music, the guitarist and composer Claudio Bellato and the Genoese Riff Time Jazz Duo with Stefano Riggi offering original jazz with a mixture of saxophone and electronica.


The Artists



Sam & the Band was started by Samuele “Sam” Puppo, guitarist, singer and songwriter from Liguria, class of 1998. In the autumn of 2015 he began working together with bass player Davide Medicina and drummer Nicola Arecco with an arrangement of original pieces and their own interpretation of a select number of cover songs. From March 2016 they began recording their first EP with 5 original songs. The first single, Come Around, was released in June 2016.



“Marie and the Sun” is a duo mixing together black music with electronica. Their first recording together, an EP with six songs in Italian, was produced by beat-maker Natty Dub from Turin, who accompanies them in a live performance with a mix of new soul and electronica.

The duo came together in 2011, when Giulia and Francesco met in a practice room and then recorded a cover version of “Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed. The two began to reinterpret songs from Soul, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues. Since 2012 the duo began to write original songs in Italian and English; beginning the same year that their live work led them to participate in national festivals and competitions. They participated in the Tour Music Fest and the final of Piper in Rome, and won the Discografia award. They performed at the IndigO2, and O2 in London. In 2013 they took part in Emergenza Festival reaching the regional finals at Hiroshima Mon Amour.

At the sottoilcielodifred awards, they won the Postumi di Fred award. In 2014 they participated in festivals such as the Acmé Festival(La Spezia), the Alassio Lime Festival, the Reload Sound Festival (Biella) and the Reset Festival (Turin). In 2015 Marie and the Sun played at the Paris Fashion Week, after having caught the attention of an Italian stylist. The summer saw the release of their first studio work, and the release of their first music video.


Stefano Riggi sax/electronica – Giorgio Griffa drums

“Time changes things, it makes them simple, it complicates them, it evolves them. The same goes for music, where a simple starting riff can become a profound and groovy melody.”



Claudio Bellato is a guitarist and composer. Receiving his diploma from C.P.M. in Milan, in the 90s he began his solo career playing acoustic guitar, and showing a huge range of expressions through the use of the instrument. His professional career is full of interesting work: in jazz he participated in the project, Evening Songs (with the release of a CD of the same name), work based on original songs together with rewritten pieces by other musicians such as Evans, Monk, and Jarret; he has written music for theatre; opened for artists such as Gian Maria Testa, and Bob Brozman; participated in numerous international festivals: C.B.E.,BRUCHSALL EUROFESTIVAL, SARZANA ACOUSTIC INTERNATIONAL MEETING, MADAME GUITAR (UDINE).

He is a guitar instructor working throughout various schools in Liguria, including: Louisiana Jazz School (an affiliate of the Italian Jazz Institute) and Progetto Yepp. His latest work is the CD, ALBANOVA made together with the Officina Acustica Quartet in 2014.

5 July 2016