This topic might not seem particularly important, but, in fact, shoes are one of the most important and necessary of clothing items. In the general view, people tend to believe that, especially in the summer, you walk barefoot on a boat, so as to not ruin the decking, the teak, or other surfaces. Let’s look at this myth, and analyze why shoes are so important on a boat.

1 – Many obstacles which can cause harm

Boats, in particular sailboats, are full of obstacles which can be a tripping hazard and have painful consequences. The main traveller, deck blocks, hot teak, non-slip surfacing: these are just a small part of the things that can cause injury. Lastly, it is also important to consider that in the case of a wet surface, feet do not necessarily have a good grip.

2 – Why are open shoes not acceptable?

Flip flops are lovely, fantastic sandals that keep feet fresh and cool in the summer. But it is like walking barefoot. The most sensitive part in accidents on board are the toes. Open shoes do not protect them in any way and it is like not wearing anything, also because they often do not have a proper sole for boating surfaces.

3 – The best shoes?

Is our destiny then to have our feet suffocating in hot shoes? No, there are boating shoes for all seasons. Those for the summer season are made of breathable material and keep feet cool and dry, but most importantly in one piece in case you trip over something. The most important thing to evaluate when buying a pair of shoes is the sole, which has to be appropriate for wet surfaces, breathability and the material with which they are made.

1 July 2016