Our megayacht section is now a reference for all lovers of these masters of the seas. Month after month, Liguria Nautica continues to add to the already ample photographic gallery dedicated to superyachts, and our lens is always at the ready to capture the moment and give you a new photo.

This time, our viewfinder found the megayacht, Bleu de Nimes, which was docked at  Nuova Darsena in Genoa, a unique vessel which caught our attention. It is a megayacht for exploration, perfect for long voyages, to face the oceans, and even to travel around the world.

It is not a recent vessel, it was built back in 1980 by the shipyard Clelands England, but was completely refurbished in 2008. The shipyard, before closing in 1984, was considered to be one of the historical shipyards of England, having been founded in 1866. The megayacht Bleu de Nimes was designed by Penta NED, while the interior design was by the Italian, Pier Vittorio Cerrutti.

Random Fact: The captain of the Bleu de Nimes is a woman, her name is Mascia Poma and she is from Sardinia, from the small town of Calasetta on the south of the island.

Technical Schematics for the Megayacht Bleu de Nimes

Shipyard: Clelands England

Flag: Cayman

Project: Penta NED

Interior Design: Pier Vittorio Cerrutti

Year Launched: 1980

Length: 58.70 m

Width: 11.40 m

Depth: 4.20 m

Cabins: 9

Passengers: 12

Maximum Crew: 21

Engines: 2 x Cummins KTA 50 M2 – 2 x 1680 hp

Max Speed: 14 knots

10 June 2016