Sport Utility  Yacht, a concept developed to revolutionize the world of luxury yachting and to draw in a younger and more diverse public: this was the main objective of the project, OceaNemo, developed by Aldo Manna with MC Yacht &co International and designed by Fulvio De Simoni.

As Aldo Manna told us in his interview, “Sport Utility Yacht is the project philosophy which stands behind the new range of megayachts. We designed it for a client who does not want to stay on board when he docks, but enjoys going around and cultivating his hobbies even on holiday with his super yacht”. 

And that is how a classic design was revolutionized and redesigned to accommodate the new use the vessel needs to have. Aldo Manna continues, “Our goal was to design a megayacht that could take with it all the passions of its owner: a small sailboat, a motorboat for fast travel or a smaller vessel for fishing, or even a lighter vessel, anything a young and sporty ship owner would want to bring so as not to be missing out on the fun while cruising”.

To have all these toys on board, it is clear that the vessel’s design is not a classic one, but needs a radical redesign of all spaces.  The owner of MC Yacht & Co International explains, “With the idea we had, there was the obvious question of space – where do we keep all these toys? We resolved the problem by using an alternative propulsion system that substantially eliminated the space which, in classic megayachts, is taken up by the engine room. For this reason we focused on a diesel/electric engine: on board are three diesel-fuelled electric generator groups which make electricity for the vessel as well as the electric stern thrusters. In one fell swoop we have reduced emissions, reduced fuel costs and most importantly, created space which would have otherwise been used by the engine room, and which we can now dedicate to the owner’s hobbies”. 

“The choice of this type of propulsion makes it a displaced hull,” continues Aldo Manna: “Yes, our OceaNemo will have displaced hulls, especially because we don’t see the need for a planing project. If, for example we can put a Cigarette in the hold, there will certainly be no lack of speed and adrenaline for quick transport at the location. But most importantly, the young owner, which we think of as between 30 and 50 years old, will have everything he needs to enjoy his yachting holiday”.

The new line of super yachts was developed together with the French shipyard Ocea, which contributed its decade of experience and technical support in the construction of large vessels. The first model ready for construction is the OceaNemo 44, but soon, starting from the next Monaco Yacht Show, new models of the line will be introduced.

23 May 2016