Drones are becoming increasingly popular. At first, these devices were intended for use by law enforcement, but over time have become popular for less relevant uses. We saw a  drone flying over a stadium during an official match, and being used for filming. No longer just something for the few. This increase in popularity has happened because using a drone is not particularly difficult, at least in theory. Sometimes though, because of distractions or inability, something goes wrong.

Distraction! Drone hits yacht!

The story unfolds in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates. Mega and luxury yachts are at home on this splendid island in the Persian Gulf: this is where luxury is an emblem.

It is in this “play area” created for sheiks, tycoons and multimillionaires, that this strange occurrence took place. A  chef working on one of these yachts, thought he would have a play with one of the drones on board during his break.

In the  video you can see the man playing with this remote controlled flying device, and after initial difficulty we see the device take off. A few uncertain manoeuvres, and the drone lists to the side only to then crash in a spectacular fashion against the yacht. The video is brief, but we suggest watching it as it is quite unusual.

The chef runs over to see the possible damage caused by such a careless act, we see him running towards the impact site. Then the film stops.

Unfortunately we don’t know which yacht was involved. We just hope the drone didn’t cause too much damage, for the sake of this clumsy chef…

Paolo Bellosta

15 March 2016