A terrible story took place on Santa Teresita, in Argentina: a baby dolphin was found dead on a beach. The baby had gotten lost along the shore, and a tourist thought it would be a good idea to bring it among the beachgoers. The crowd trampled the animal, therby confirming the stupidity of this senseless act.
Who knows how excited this little dolphin became, when selfie after selfie he became increasingly popular.
So many images taken, so many shares on instagram, and likes on facebook. The social media brains of these people must have seen the dolphin as a “like” generator, not a living being taken from its natural environment.

Dolphin Selfie: The Facts

A rain of selfies, laughs and social enthusiasm. Shame the dolphin did not go through the same excitement and happiness: the baby died among the smiles of its public.
In the photos shared on facebook, you can see the animal passed from hand to hand, the body of the dolphin on the beach. Its death was caused by dehydration or sunstroke.
The beachgoers did not care that they snuffed out a life. The photos were on facebook, the like-fest could begin, the dolphin carried out its social mission and who cares about the rest.
The fact that the animal died is just a small detail, for many people, life is just something virtual anyway, like a videogame.

Paolo Bellosta

2 March 2016