With 1700 exhibitors, 440 shipyards, of which only 50% were German, 247 thousand visitors from 52 different countries, the Dusseldorf Boot closes successfully with a very positive outcome. This was an important show to understand whether the timid signs of renewed growth in the nautical market glimpsed in 2015 will continue into 2016: the answer may be positive.

Even over the last few years, the public visiting the Dusseldorf Boot was a slightly higher quality level compared to other European competitors and the trend seems to continue this year. The most interesting fact is that the shipyards are growing, with new projects and proposals, a clear sign that something is going on behind the scenes and the market may come out of the deep crisis in which it continues to stagnate.

The Dusseldorf trade show was also good for Italian businesses, Solaris and Cantieri del Pardo: they won European Yacht of the Year with Solaris 50 and  Grand Soleil 46 LC. Two vessels which are having great resonance on the market as well, a sign that quality always pays for itself. As we noted previously, in general many Italian brands chose to participate in the German trade show, which is an excellent sign.

In closing we would like to share our images of the Dusseldorf Boot. These photographs are property of Liguria Nautica, and can be reproduces using credit of the source and an active link.

8 February 2016