And then there were two. The Italian shipyard, Overmarine, makes a new hit on the market by selling a second model of the Mangusta 132 line, one of their best performing yachts, which continues to stand out for its ingenious technological solutions.

Over the last two years, Overmarine Group has introduced 4 new models of Maxi Open Mangusta, of which the Mangusta 132 is the most recent. This model, first presented at the Monaco Yacht Show last September, is the result of this company’s experience and ability to keep moving forward: the onboard comforts, already a distinctive characteristic of the Mangusta, have improved thanks to the use of  gyroscopic stabilisers which reduce rolling both at anchor and at sea, increasing the comfort range of the vessel. Now, the ship can travel at dislocation speed, for example during transfers, at 12-15 km without rolling. Even emissions, thanks to the new propulsion system combined with the new streamlined hull, have been noticeably reduced.

The external profile of the Mangusta 132 is traditional, with a timeless elegant design and sporty lines, to which the recent aesthetic and structural modifications have been perfectly integrated in the new models: the new geometry in the windows, the only windows at the height of the living room offering perfect external visibility from the inside and allowing natural light to enter fully. There is also a wide fly with dynamic and modern lines, with a posterior grille, that can be used as a private area by the owner, and can have a second command position added, for both relaxation and the excitement of navigation.

2015 was an incredibly busy and exciting year for the Group,” declared a satisfied Francesco Frediani, sales manager of the Group, “and we are certain that this positive period will carry on into the future. This sale shows that the market understands and appreciates our research and innovation, which we aim to guarantee the overall quality and wellbeing on board, and, from a technical aspect, are paying specific attention to the reduction of emissions and stability of the vessel both at anchor and at sea”.

For this unit, like the other Mangusta vessels, the Design Office of the Group offered the new owner personal internal, decorating and styling solutions in order to fully satisfy needs and desires. The sizes on board are impressive: the disribution of the internal spaces is the result of careful architectural studies aimed at maximum onboard comfort and complete separation between guest and crew quarters, the large exterior areas are carefully made for relaxation and socialisation, so as to use the ship in different ways, but always at sea. The yacht will be ready next autumn.

4 February 2016