Who says summer is coming to an end? Who says you can’t go on holiday in September? September is probably the best time of summer in certain areas, since mass tourism ends and you can better enjoy these slices of paradise. We flew down to Sicily, for a reportage on the Aeolian island of Salina, one of the precious gems of this archipelago, with the aim of admiring it at the end of summer when most of the tourists have left and we can fully enjoy it all.

Where to Dock

We’ll start with advice for those coming by boat. On the eastern side of the island is the town of Santa Marina with its small marina, a sheltered area from the Maestrale but not immune to the southerly winds. The marina is fairly safe, but also offshore mooring is fairly safe for northerly winds. Alternatively, you can anchor on the northern side in front of the town of Malfa. Here there is a docking area which is protected by a small wall, but is for small vessels only.

Food, Places and Enchanting Beaches

Salina has many attractions both on land and at sea. A must-see is the bay of Pollara, where Massimo Troisi’s famous Il Postino was filmed: crystal clear waters full of fish (this is a marine reserve, so no fishing! Please inform yourself on anchoring restrictions), an enchanting location with gorgeous sunsets and a view over the islands of Alicudi and Filicudi, a spectacle that will help you make peace with the world. Also not to miss is the beach of Scario, in Malfa, which can be reached on foot from the town or by sea.

If you are on the island, don’t forget to stop by Lingua for two reasons: a swim in the crystal clear waters under the lighthouse is a must, the area is often deserted because it is a bit wild but for this reason it is fascinating. Lingua is also the location of one of the best gastronomical attractions of the island: the bar-restaurant Da Alfredo. Prepare yourselves: this is the location for the best Sicilian granita, something you cannot imagine until you taste it. As if this weren’t enough, Alfredo offers another specialty: “cunzatu” bread. A sort of man vs food challenge, that will test even the biggest eaters. A homemade bread cut in half and stuffed, Aeolian style: capers, olives, baked ricotta cheese, tuna, local anchovies – you can choose from a variety of combinations, but the result will be the same – you will be defeated.

To See

All the towns on the island should be visited: Santa Marina, Malfa, Leni, Rinella offer beautiful views, white and blue houses climbing along twisting streets, amazing sea views, paradise is there and is just waiting for you. For those who enjoy hiking we suggest an excursion to Fossa delle Felci, the highest mountain on Salina over 900m high.

To Buy

You cannot leave Salina without having bought from one of the local shops the following: capers, malvasia (dessert wine), cucunci (caper fruit), all organic and grown by local farmers.

Photographs copyright Liguria Nautica. They can be reproduced with credit and an active link

31 August 2015