Liguria Nautica is always on the hunt for luxury yachts, but this time it was megayacht A belonging to the Russian, Andrey Melnichenko which came looking for us: while we were in Salina working on our tourism report. We woke up one morning and it was there, docked in front of the town of Malfa, right in front of the flat we were renting. How could we not take some photographs?

Even though we have photographed it numerous times, due to its unusual aesthetics, megayacht A is always an interesting subject, so with a tablet and camera in hand, we went out to find a good location to photograph megayacht A in the gorgeous surrounding of Salina.

You will find the images in the gallery below. Although it was defined an eco-monster in Liguria, in Salina it was met with curiosity, and became the subject of many a selfie.

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30 August 2015