The first of the six platforms making up the “false seabed” has been removed. The platforms were used to rotate and remove the Costa Concordia. The company in charge of cleaning the seabed in front of Isola del Giglio, Micoperi Spa, shared the news.

“The platform, ” they announce, “has been lifted. In this first phase we will remove four platforms, which, with the pontoon Mic 2, will be transferred to the Micoperi base in Ortona in the beginning of August. The last two platforms will be removed at the end of August.”

The platforms, together with 24 thousand tonnes of cement, created the artificial base on which the Costa Concordia was resting while waiting to be removed, and are of different sizes reaching a weight of 1000 tonnes and a size of 32m long and 22m wide.

“We have 195 workers on the island,” explained Silvio Bartolotti, CEO of the Ravenna-based company, “working on cleaning the sea floor to try and restore it to the way it was before the accident. The citizens and authorities are constantly updated on our progress.”

31 July 2015