It is time to fix up a few wrinkles and aches and pains for the queen of the seas, which has recently arrived in Liguria, in Imperia Porto Maurizio to be exact. We are talking about the Tuiga, the 15 Meter Stazza Internazionale, now property of Prince Albert of Monaco and standard bearer of the YCM. This boat, which represents a piece of international yachting history, was launched in 1909 in Scotland, and was designed by the architect, William Fife. It has docked at Imperia for a brief refit.

The “caretakers” of the Tuiga will be ‘Marine Composite Srl’ (a division of Daire Chemicals Spa) and Imperia Yacht Service, unified in the newly constituted “Consorzio Opertatori Porto Imperia”. Other local businesses will also be participating (Zaoli Sails, F.M. Motors and Colorificio Roggero). The maintenance period is approximately one month. Tuiga will then return to the seas to compete in the next competition season, participating in regattas for historical sailboats.

23 March 2015