What can the makers of superyachts do to help their clients understand the need to reduce emissions and improve efficiency? Their products can mark out a path to follow and this is what Amer is doing. The company is well known and appreciated for their options for navigating through dislocation, to reduce fuel consumption, or on a plane.
This continuous challenge to go beyond limits led to the new Amer 94’ Save the Sea model.

For over 40 years in the pleasure boating industry producing superyachts, Cantiere Permare, with its new Amer 94’ Save the Sea, is offering an ambitious project, the first of its kind in the Mediterranean: an innovative propulsion system for boats over 90 feet.

The Amer 94’ model, was designed to fit a Volvo IPS engine. These engines, already in use for small-medium sized vessels, have revolutionized the market, noticeably reducing emission and guaranteeing excellent maneuverability.

In the past it was not possible to install this type of engine because the power emitted was insufficient to navigate larger vessels. Recently, the producers have put on the market models that can also be used by Superyachts. The shipyard had wanted to test this innovative product for quite some time and waited, studying and designing a hull specific to the IPS1200.
The new 94’ is propelled by 3 IPS engines, with an engine room in a very unique configuration for this industry.

This is the only hull made in Italy of this size and layout to participate in an international boat show in 2015/6. It’s official presentation will be in Genoa and will represent a new frontier.
2014 was the year of design, now is the execution phase: the prototype is being built and will be completed in 2015 in time for the European boat shows of 2015/6.
The innovative characteristics, which will be the strong points of the 94’, focus on environmental impact and reduced fuel consumption by 30% .The hull’s maneuverability will be increased both during maneuvers and navigation, to the benefit of owners and captains. Even comfort will be improved significantly, with a 50% reduction in noise on board as well as outside, thereby reducing noise pollution, which is a major problem with traditional engines.

A larger interior surface area, thanks to the efficient location of the engine room, allows for a five cabin version, making the model particularly appetizing for the Charter market as well. The vessel has been approved under 24m, which is important for a return to European customers.
This data, supported by an analyses of the Volvo Penta and confirmed by our design studio, have encouraged us to launch the Amer 94’ model, in line with the research, innovation and sustainability practiced by our shipyard, which has always been careful of the environment.
If you would like further information write to Permare Group at: info@gruppopermare.it.

24 February 2015