The websites of international newspapers are reporting the front page news, and it is all true. Of the 26 years asked by the prosecution, in inferior court, Francesco Schettino was condemned to 16 years for sinking the Costa Concordia, plus damages to be paid together with Costa, as well as a 5 year ban from commanding a ship, and being permanently barred from public office.

An analysis of the ruling shows: 5 years for involuntary sinking of the vessel, 10 years for manslaughter, one year for abandoning ship and a month for failure to communicate. For the damages: 30,000 euros for the 110 victims/families, 300,000 for the Region of Tuscany for damage to public image. However, he was not remanded into custody as, according to the judges, there is no risk of flight.

We are not experts in legal matters in any way and find it difficult to comment on this sentence. We do not know the reasons behind it. One thing is clear, the accusations were almost all completely accepted, but compared to the prosecution’s request of 26 years, the punishment was nearly halved.

19 February 2015