The key words are a common front and ideas. During a press conference in Milan, Lamberto Tacoli expressed his main objective, said he was working with UCINA, and was ready to listen, without prejudice, to all parties hoping to work together with all parts of Confindustria Nautica. In the next 2 or 3 months, Tacoli wants to elect a new President, an idea which is widely shared. One of the main topics of the debate, inevitably, was the Boat Show, however, a lot of attention was also paid to the idea of a united UCINA, in particular the current relationship between UCINA and the Government.

“We are facing a difficult moment at this time,” began Tacoli, “ with Perotti stepping down we all have to stand back and reflect. This was not a positive step, but because of this we have to avoid useless arguments and be constructive.”
The hot topic is a possible lack of financing for the Boat Show from the Government, but Tacoli was very cautious about arguing with the council, “The Vice Minister used harsh words, I decided to take them as a push to make the best of this complicated situation. My duty at this time is to find a united front and work together.”

There is also the possibility of dialoguing with the Government in regards to the Expo, planning an event in May that the Chairman commented on. “I was the one who suggested a Show in May, speaking both with Albertoni and Perotti. For a simple reason: with Cannes and Montecarlo in the Autumn we are third on the list, so why not change, and move it? We thought it would be good for the entire nautical industry, a Boat Show at the beginning of the season when there are no other shows, as well as at a time when we are hosting the Expo. While planning this project, we discovered that 75% of UCINA associates are not going to Cannes or Montecarlo. For our small businesses it was useful to have the event in the autumn, it is right, therefore, to satisfy the majority.” Following on the words of the Vice Minister for Economic Development, “To the Minister I say, your words have been stimulating. After the directive of the 5, we will present two projects, with international intent and with a united front. There will also be a project for the Show as well as one working together with the Expo”. “Our aim is to also bring big Italian brands to the Boat Show so as to attract foreign visitors. Over the next 2 or 3 months, it is our duty to create a united front in order to elect a new President.”
The organization of the next Boat Show is still ongoing as is the containment of costs. “This year as well, we will try to offer discounts and advantages to the companies coming to Genoa, there is a lot of careful attention on this point. The problem is that the internal market of reference is practically non existent, for many small businesses foreign markets are far away and we have to find a way to bridge this gap, we have to help businesses expand abroad – this is our biggest challenge.”

The idea of holding the event in the springtime remains strong however, and Tacoli is still considering the idea and keeping an open mind to various solutions. “To interact with the Expo we will present a cultural project involving the entire Italian nautical industry and which could be located in Milan, but the commercial event, the Boat Show, will remain in Genoa during the first week of October. Two different events in different periods are not a bad idea, as long as they are done well.”
For Tacoli the priority is to work together and the President is also looking to companies with whom there have been conflicts in the past, like Baglietto. “Baglietto may have been regulated a little too much, but on our part at this time we are not against anybody, we really want to listen to everyone.”

8 February 2015