An unfortunate thresher shark was tangled in a tuna fishing net in Camogli. The event occurred on Sunday, 1 February, but this is not the first time this has happened. The shark is 3.5/4 metres long and weights around 200 kg.

This species is not rare in the Mediterranean, and others have had the same sad end, always in the waters off Camogli: April 2010, June 2009, April and May 2008.

This was an accident as written on the website of the Protected Reserve of Portofino. The fishermen of the area are always on the lookout for protected species, who are regulated by the European Union (Reg. EC n.23/2010 art. 18, 14 January 2010).
The Tonnarella in Camogli has, over the years, become a laboratory and observatory for marine biodiversity.

The thresher shark lives in open waters, fairly close to the surface. Some can reach 6m in length but are usually around 4. This is a harmless shark for man, but lethal to other marine animals who are stunned by its long tail, then eaten.

The thresher shark is rarely fished both in drift net fishing and line fishing. It is more frequently found in the Adriatic, where it can be accidentally fished while fishing for tuna or blue sharks.

As it is an open water fish it usually stays far from shore, but, when hunting, it can come closer to the coast, increasing its risk of being accidentally fished.

Photography: facebook.
Manuela Facino

5 February 2015