Good news from Overmarine Group, which sold its first Mangusta 132.
A very satisfied Francesco Frediani, sales manager for the Group, said, “This model was made in line with our strategic development plan for the Group, which in these last few years, has enacted an expansion and renewal of its range, also aiming at growth and increased efficiency. In other words, keeping the same level of service even with a smaller number of purchases. The reason we have such great results is thanks to these strategic choices, together with the seriousness and experience of a shipyard that has belonged to the same family for 30 years and allows us to play a key role in the market.”
The Mangusta 132 is the fourth new model of the Maxi Open Mangusta introduced to the market in the last two years, after the Mangusta 94, the Mangusta 110 and the Mangusta 165 E.
This model clearly highlights the recent evolution in Mangusta’s style and technology. The exterior lines are traditional, fluid and sporty, in addition to the new structural and aesthetic changes introduced in recent models: the new windows on the main bridge, the only window at the height of the living room, offering excellent visibility from the inside and allows natural light to fill the room, the new lines of the fly are more aggressive and modern with a decorative grille and the generously sized sun deck, which is perfect to be used as a private area by the owner as well as a secondary position during navigation, uniting both the excitement of high-speed sailing with relaxation. Together with the external design is a new evolution in technology: a new hull with the hydrodynamic improvements already present in the Mangusta 165, new engines, new jet propulsion, Zero Speed gyroscopic stabilizers (at anchor and underway), all contribute to improving the comfort on board as well as the comfort range of the entire vessel. In this way you can navigate at low speed with reduced consumption and high-level comfort.
This Maxi Open was designed and made based and the needs and desires of the owner, who was purchasing his second Mangusta yacht and therefore knew exactly how to make the best of this model’s potential. On board, there is a large amount of space and usd to its maximum potential, meaning quality, excellence and wellbeing on board, even at high speeds. The distribution of the interior space is the result of a careful architectural study of volume, aimed at maximum comfort on board and optimal and complete separation between the guest and crew areas. Like all other Mangusta yachts, the Artist Team of the Group offered interior configurations, style solutions, and personalized decor so as to fully satisfy the needs of each owner. In this case the owner chose a 4 cabin layout with an addition room on the lower bridge (the standard is 5 cabins).

2 February 2015