Faces of the Volvo Ocean Race, the faces of the sailors travelling around the world in carbon fiber boxes 65 feet long, never taking their foot off the accelerator. The faces of sailors whose eyes are burnt by the sun, their skin dried out from the salt air, their hands rough with calluses. Our collective imagination tends to portray them as superheroes, but the truth is they are very human indeed.

Thanks to the hard work of the on-board reporters all of this comes direct to us at home: images of infinite horizons showing sailors dressed for war, but also images of daily life which, in our opinion, are even more fascinating. A moment of despair during a calm patch, a tired face or a look of extreme concentration, or someone sleeping in the space between two sails. This, too, is the Volvo race, the daily lives of the 7 teams, 6 at the moment due to the forced withdrawal of Team Vestas. So, while Dongfeng Racing leads the way during the second leg, we temporarily stand back from racing reports to share with you 6 images of life on board the VOR 65.

The first image shows a moment of despair for the trimmer of Team Brunel, overcome with tiredness. Below on the left is the nap taken by the bowman of Dongfeng and, from Team SCA, Annie Lush in the surplace with the sheet of the Code 0 in hand, trying to regulate it perfectly, and from the same boat, Sam Davies with her rough hands on her face. Then the navigator of Team Alvimedica, Will Oxley, while he reads on his tablet during the night while his companions and the ladies of Team SCA rest, somewhat uncomfortably, on their boats:

15 January 2015