Important news from Fincantieri Yachts: Ocean Victory, a 140m mega yacht has been presented at the Muggiano shipyard. With its 140m length, the “Ocean Victory” is the largest yacht ever made in Italy up until now and, according the industry rankings, is among the top ten built in the world. The new mega yacht is aimed at the highest sectors of the market in terms of quality and performance, and is unique in its complexity, high level of technology, innovation and extreme care for detail both inside and out.

The launch of a 140m ship is always an important event, even more so in this case, as for Fincantieri and its employees, the mega yacht sector represents an important area to restart the industry and affirm the company at an international level. The project for the Ocean Victory is already international: the idea came from Espen Oeino from Monaco, with interior design from the Parisian design studio Cabinet Alberto Pinto. The yacht itself was made in Italy, which shows how the country is focussing on an international market.

“Ocean Victory” represents the highest expression of quality, technical capacity and high standards of the industry. This unit displays the maximum functional and and aesthetical integration of its components like the helicopter pad with hidden hangar, a fillable basin, ten large hold doors, a glass-bottomed room, six pools, a Spa area over 300m2, lighting, audio/video and domotics systems of the latest generation, all integrated together.
The CEO of Fincantieri, Giuseppe Bono, said, “A 140m ship is always something special. In the mega yacht sector, which represents a luxury niche, innovation and top of the line are not the only things needed for success. With the ‘Ocean Victory,’ we had to put ourselves to the test daily, under all aspects. Considering the truly incredible results, I can proudly say that we were able to take up the challenge excellently, and the ship that will be launched from Fincantieri will prove to the world how Italy is the best in technology and charm.”
Giovanni Romano, head of Fincantieri Yachts, added, “Ocean Victory represents the top of nautical technology and luxury of the last few years, a source of pride for our company and our country, as well as the proof that we can compete on level footing with a complex market like that of quality yachts. The reasons for our success are not only technological, but can be found in our close-knit team, which has been working every day in a professional and dedicated manner, as well as the team made by Fincantieri, and the owner, from the designer to the suppliers, and the representatives of the various companies. Ability, enthusiasm and togetherness are the guarantee that this adventure we started just a few years ago, will continue to improve in the future. For this reason we are working hard to continue with our work and further affirm that Fincantieri Yachts is unique.”

Technical Specs:

Length: 140 m
Width: 18.6 m
Displacement: 8000 tons
Depth: 5.56 m
Top speed: 19.1 knots


18 December 2014