The Italian nautical industry is still a world leader. The proof is in the International Trade Show of Nautical Technology, Subcontracting and Design of Italy in Brazil, shortened to Fimar, which will take place in Florianopolis, the capital of the state of Santa Caterina, from 16 to 19 April 2015. Brazil is dedicating an entire trade show to the Italian nautical industry which, in Brazil, has helped develop local businesses using Italian production and design as a business model. This is in addition to the many shops in Brazil importing Italian products. Because of this, there is a need to kickstart commercial dialogue between the two countries, promoting the show as a starting point.

The show is organized by Brazilplanet, an Italo-Brazilian agency for industry and commerce, together with Assonautica and the Brazilian nautical association, Acatmar, as well as many Italian businesses. One of the crucial problems which will be discussed during the show, and which the two governments are working on, is the problem of Brazilian customs duties which penalize small Italian businesses wanting to export.

“In order to overcome this situation,” says Domenico Calabria, Nautical rep in Italy for the government of Santa Caterina and chairman of Brazilplanet, in an interview with Sole24Ore, “we are opening talks between the Italian government and that of Santa Caterina, which we will continue to hold during the show. The aim is that the leaders of the two countries sit down and come up with a proposal to overcome the problem of customs duties. A proposal which we will then present to the federal government of Brazil” The main problem which will be faced is that of favouring small Italian businesses, who are penalized the most by the duties and are suffering the most during this economic crisis, whereas the larger Italian companies already hold a strong presence in Brazil.

This is a topic we will follow closely, because although our nautical industry is suffering internally, abroad it is still considered to be an exemplary model and our products are still considered to be top of the line.

4 December 2014