The English doctor Ben Burville, from the city of Morphet, built a relationship that goes beyond the human boundaries; for more than 14 years, he has been developing an unique friendship with a pod of seals living in the North Sea, off the Farne Islands.

Ben is a professional scuba diver, who has been practicing this sport since he was sixteen; now, at the age of 45, he learned, from his long experience, respect towards the marine environment, which is the prerogative for becoming a true friend of these animals; after years of dives, hiding and spotting, the man is now known and accepted by the seal population.

“You need to move slowly, without bothering the fauna that needs to be respected in full” explains Burnville. Playing with a grey seal is definitively not like playing with a house-broken dog. Just consider that a dog has an average weight of 30 kilos, whereas a female grey seal can be up to 154 kg and a male up to 220 kg.

1 November 2014