A big fire spread over a shipyard in Fiumicino, close to Rome, inside at least seven yachts of more than 10 mt length, destroying them irrevocably.

Five teams of firemen arrived on the spot, alerted by residents, and after six hours they managed to knock down the flames.

Agents from the police station arrived on the scene, together with forensics, and conducted the inspection in order to discover elements that could bring them to the origin of the fire. Arson is also a matter under consideration by the experts.

From what it is possible to notice from the photos, the shipyard that got on fire should be MIG Marine, constructor of the yachts with the same name. Meanwhile the agents questioned the owner of the building, a 28 years old Italian, and asked him whether he received any threat. The young man denied and affirmed that neither he had any idea about a possible perpetrator, whether an arson should be.

24 October 2014