Luna Rossa already chose Cagliari as base for the training in view of the America’s Cup, but now the city has the chance to become a capital of international sailing: the Sardinian port is officially one of the competitors for being nominated as venue of the World Series.

During the regattas scheduled for July, the team will go to sea with the two AC45, Swordfish and Piranha, used in order to develop the boat which will be lined up at the starting line in two years.

The final decision is up to the organisers, but, according to the first unconfirmed rumours, this is not an issue, as the city is unanimously considered a great location for such an event.

Among the most important teams of the America’s Cup, the World Series has always been a challenging test bench before the big race, the America’s Cup, which is going to be held in a venue to choose between Bermuda and San Diego, in USA.

17 October 2014