Imagine the aesthetic of a Lobster, mix it with the elegance of a Mediterranean gozzo: you will have the essence of the new SC 23 by Sciallino. We talked about it with Carlo Bassi, the President of the shipyard and we asked him what steps are taken to create this 23 ft that marks the first time of the company in the world of the outboard motors.   “We are dealing with a process of prototyping: everything comes out from a design (the project is by Luca Maschera), from where the renderings and the prints originate. In specific, we are experimenting on deck and deckhouse: in this regard we decided to not realize straight away the prints, but to try different solutions on the prototype created in wood, in order to change them multiple times and understand which are the best variations. On this note, we are realizing a manual labour in its true meaning. Only when we will achieve a product that satisfies us, we will move to the prints also for the deck and deckhouse. The idea is to realize a trailer boat, which could contribute to the economy of the ship owner, in addition to reduced consumptions due to an efficient hull; moreover there will be the opportunity to use the trailer for a winter storage, independently from an expensive storage in a shipyard.

As we mentioned, for the aesthetic lines and the choices made during the design, the background is those from the gozzo, a common denominator of the Sciallino’s brand. Nonetheless, Bassi clarified that the Lobsters from overseas had a major influence: “The lines comes from the gozzo’s essence, obviously updated according to the modern innovation. In order to have a better idea, imagine a comparison with the vehicle’s world, and the juxtaposition of an old Mini and a brand-new model. Additionally, we added the influence from the Lobsters, which are boats that I personally appreciate a lot.

The new SC 23 will then be a very livable boat, with the right comforts for who wants to live it. Brilliantly designed by Luca Maschera, in only six and half meters, it offers everything necessary to travel the seas in terms of daily and night spaces: 6 passengers, 2+1 beds, kitchenette and toilette, then elegance, quality, security, stability and economization, thanks to lines created to optimize the consumptions.


Technical Details:

Overall Length: 7,00 mt

Width: 2,45 mt Registered

Length: 6,70 mt

Max Water Displacment: 2,0 ton

CE Plan Category: C Class

Capacity: 6 people

V-planing Hull: (dearise 18° aft) with pads

Engines Max: 1 x 150 HP outboard motor

Project and Design: Luca Maschera

27 September 2014