Passengers of a ferry-boat, passing the Gallinara Island, between Alassio and Albenga, spotted the two wales, with a length of at least 15 meters. The cetaceans produced an incredible show, offering puffs and spurts to the public; nevertheless, many more spottings are likely to occur in the Ligurian Sea. After giving the tourists the possibility to take a few photos, the two extraordinary animals disappeared, putting to sea.

They confirmed once more the reputation of the Ligurian Seas as sanctuary of cetaceans. For this reason, yachtsmen and fishermen need to pay more and more attention everywhere they sail and fish, in order to protect these giant animals from the traps reserved to them by the coastline and, sometimes, from the human cruelty: on this note, we reported recently the massacre of sperm whales, due to a cetacean stranding, caused by ruthless human conducts.

27 September 2014