We could define it as the the curse of the Concordia: we refer here to the first, disturbing news coming from the trial held in Grosseto, where Francesco Schiettino is indicted and Costa Crociere spa is accused of civil liability. What are we talking about?

Few passengers appeared as plaintiffs subsequently to claim reparations from Francesco Schettino and Costa Crociere, not only for the eventful and tragic night of the shipwreck, but especially for the post-traumatic diseases caused due to the related stress: in this regard, neurologists and forensic scientists affirmed in their legal counsels that these syndromes are strictly related to the shock caused by the shipwreck. Cases concern senile dementia, insomnia, obsessions, claustrophobia and, the most striking case, the Parkinson’s disease.

Are they all related to the shipwreck? Costa Crociere denied the accusations related to the Parkinson’s disease of one individual, asserting that the scientific literature examined does not show under any circumstances the possibility that the disease was caused by the shipwreck. Notwithstanding, the serious syndromes pointed out by the survivors are too many. We wish that justice will be served and that fair reparations will be bestowed upon those passengers in that disastrous night, as their only guilt was to had been passengers Costa Crociere.

27 September 2014