“The new SC 23 is the first time we have seen Sciallino produce a model with an outboard motor. The 6 meter long vessel costs just 29 thousand euro without a motor, and with the recommended motor, a 125 horsepower Mercury, the price is approximately 42 thousand plus tax. With a vessel like this, I hope to break into the international market”. said Carlo Bassi in a recent interview. He gave us a preview of the SC 23, and the market appears to be eagerly anticipating the arrival of this new offering, both in terms of its inviting price and thanks to the inherent quality of the Sciallino brand.


Lets take a moment to reflect upon the Italian nautical market at the moment, and the nautical market in general: If the mid-level ship owners market wants to grow, then the vessels need to be ‘realistically possible’ and cost effective both in terms of initial purchase and long term upkeep. Carlo Bassi’s shipyard aims to satisfy those needs.


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An authentic Sciallino, designed and built entirely in Italy, with a cost of just over 40 thousand euro, is something that has never been seen before.  When you compare the Sciallino 23 with is ample use of high quality wood, to a mass produced vessel constructed completely in fiberglass, the SC 23 is in the same price range and proves to be vastly superior in terms of quality, character and style.


Brilliantly designed by Luca Maschera, the 23 offers, in just six and half meters, everything you need to travel the seas, by day or by night (accommodates 6 passengers, 2+1 sleeping berths), includes a kitchenette and toilet. 100% Italian quality- elegant, safe, stable, economical and designed to maximise fuel economy.  The three available models are: cabin cruiser, deck and convertible.


Maintaing a tradition of innovation means: constant research, a constant desire to improve, the use of light weight but still strong and resistant materials, like high quality wood. These are the qualities that are fundamental for true nautical enthusiasts.


The philosophy of the new Sciallino can be summed up in the words of Mr. Bassi: “It is commonly believed that a beautiful boat is possible only for the wealthy. But our customers include average people with average means. We want to design and sell boats that are accessible to ordinary people with ordinary lives, inviting them to explore the sea with a new mentality”. Its a little like saying: Ok ladies and gentlemen, the luxury nautical market is great and all, but, we are interested in, above all, the real world of small ship owners.


Technical Details:


Overall Length: 7,00 mt

Width: 2,45 mt

Registered Length: 6,70 mt

Max Water Displacment: 2,0 ton

CE Plan Category: C Class

Capacity: 6 people

V-planing Hull: (dearise 18° aft) with pads

Engines Max: 1 x 150 HP outboard motor

Project and Design: Luca Maschera

20 June 2014