The Cetacean Sanctuary Research and the Ionian Dolphin Project are just two of the projects set up by the Tethys Research Institute, which has been working in international conservation efforts for whales and dolphins since 1986.

Both of Tethys’s long-term projects are based on “citizen science”: the institute makes an appeal to all animal lovers (no specific knowledge is needed), to do much more than simple whale watching. The volunteers, who have to make a monetary contribution, will participate in missions as part of the research team, taking pictures anf sighting whales and dolphins, to gather data and study their behaviour.

The Cetacean Sanctuary Project (CSR) is centred around the different species of cetaceans living in the Ligurian Sea, in the Pelagos Sanctuary, a protected area covering the southern coast of France, Monaco, Liguria, Tuscany and Sardinia. Participants are housed, for the entire week, on the 18m motor-sailer “Pelagos”, departing every Monday from  Sanremo (IM).

With the Ionian Dolphin Project (IDP) researchers contribute to the long-term survival of the dolphins living in the coastal waters off Greece in the Eastern Ionic Sea. Participants are housed at the base in the village of Vonitsa and the daily outings take place on a hard-keel dinghy with a 100 Hp outboard motor.

In addition to these project-vacations, Tethys has organized, together with Canon, two nature photography workshops, lasting 7 days, on board the Pelagos. Participants can choose between the Marine Wildlife Basic and Marine Wildlife Advanced workshops. Both courses will be taught by Andrea Benedetti, a member of the Canon Academy and will take place in the Ligurian part of the Cetacean Sanctuary.

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10 April 2014