If you can’t keep your boating deadlines in mind, and you want to monitor how much you spend to manage your boat; if you want to keep a calendar or remember all the maintenance work you have done or that you need to do, Liguria Nautica has exactly what you need. Boat Note is the perfect tool for any pleasure boater: and from today, even abroad, with just a few clicks you can learn how to use our app with our English video tutorial:


With BoatNote you can keep everything under control – avoiding fines and surprises while sailing. Deadlines, mooring contracts and costs, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance needing to be done (from antifouling to teak polishing, painting the topside, and engine maintenance, including changing zincs and spark plugs), and set up a series of deadlines that the app will notify you of as they approach.

As always, and in this case even more, comments and reviews from users help us improve the app to meet all your needs.

28 January 2014