While everyone is waiting to see the true power of the all-female Team SCA in the next Volvo Ocean Race, using Volvo Ocean 65s, this recently released video on YouTube tells the story of their race for, ‘excellence,’ through hard and inflexible training.

The stars are: Caroline Brouwer, Samantha Davies, Justine Mettraux, Liz Wardley, Annie Lush and Sally Barkow, who have been training for many months on the island of Lanzarote.

By entering an all-women team in the Volvo Ocean Race, SCA is marking a change in the way women are perceived in society, whether they be at sea or at home.

None months from the beginning, we are all cheering for these incredible women working hard to represent the female universe in the hardest seafaring competition in the world.


28 January 2014