As we had previously announced, Genoa has seen the launch of “The Blue World. International Boating Space”, a centre completely dedicated to pleasure boating, located near the exhibition grounds of Genoa. UCINA Confindustria Nautica, shared the details of their initiative during their General Assembly of Partners at Palazzo San Giorgio. To manage the new space, UCINA created a special company, Saloni Nautici srl, managed by  Confindustria Nautica but open to public shares.

The main objective of The Blue World is to promote the Salone Nautico, but that is not its only objective: the larger scope is to create multi-year initiatives aimed at spreading nautical culture and maritime economy as well as commercial activities in the Darsena Nautica for permanent and temporary mooring. With this objective, they created YIEM – Yacht’n Italy Export Museum – the first museum dedicated to Italian nautical design and which will open at the end of a trio of annual exhibitions launched during the 53rd edition of the  Salone Nautico di Genova. Further nautical promotion will be through Academy World, a learning centre for the development of activities for schools and business (team building) as well as recreational activities aimed at tourists. The project also foresees the opening of a Sailing University, a modern sports centre which will be available to sailing groups for any and all initiatives aimed at promoting sailing and related activities.

18 December 2013