Fast, agile and easy to steer: these are the first impressions the XP 33 gives when you come on board. We tested the latest baby of the Danish shipyard in Marina di Loano, during a dedicated X-Yachts Italia  and Blue Project press day – an excellent opportunity to take a look at the new entry level.

From an aesthetic point of view the first thing that stands out is the retractable carbon bowsprit, the ample cockpit where each manoeuvre can be made in perfect harmony, and the subtle yet small doors leading to the bow. However, these are not the only strong points, as explained by the Managing Director of X-Yachts Italia, Fabio Baffigi, “Good speed is given by the elegant water lines and the ergonomic cockpit, with all the manoeuvres distributed over optimal areas, improving the crew’s output, even during a competition. From a technical aspect, this is a boat built through vacuum-sealed epoxy resin lamination giving the hull increased, long-term resistance together with incredible lightness. The carbon-steel structure, where the loads are concentrated, stiffens the boat without weighing it down allowing the positioning of most of the weight on the bulb and giving the boat increased stability, even in strong winds.”

The objectives of this boat, explains Baffigi, are in response to multiple needs, “We wanted to make a boat that was easy to steer and which allowed for the enjoyment of cruising at sea; secondly, we created a watercraft which gave the market an important sign: the X-332 was a boat that made its mark in history, it was time to recreate that in a 33-footer.”  Descending into the wardroom we see how space was used at its best even though this is a sporting boat: double cabin at the stern, kitchen on the left, navigation to the right and at the bow a cabin which, during our visit was emptied to create an area to take down the sails.

So far the market response has been good, as confirmed by Baffigi:

“The boat we are on is hull number 37, so in less than a year we have proof of our success, especially in northern Europe, notwithstanding the economic crisis we are going through. In Italy alone we have launched 5, and are preparing the boat for new competitions with the intention of incentivizing owners to choose the XP33”

Shortly, you will find more videos on our channel of our day on the XP 33.

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10 December 2013