We would like to share some interesting news regarding Genoa and the Italian nautical industry in general – an initiative with all the right intentions. UCINA-Confindustria Nautica have announced that they will open a centre entirely dedicated to pleasure boating in the harbour near the Genoa exhibition centre, an area they will call Blue Space. The project’s official presentation to institutes and the media will be 11 December and Liguria Nautica will be there to share all the details and essential points of the project.

UCINA’s goal is to create a centre that will act as a support for the Italian nautical industry and help the Salone Nautico, so that the Fiera di Genova no longer remains just an isolated event during the year, but is supported by a more developed network of satellite activities covering all 12 months. Basically, the objective is to create a fertile territory for the next Salone Nautico, and at the same time offer valid tools for the Italian nautical industry, focusing on Liguria as base of operations.

The plan guidelines, approved by the Association’s Board of Management, representing all the companies of the field, call for the foundation of a privately-run company which will take care of the planning, promotion and organization of the Salone Nautico Internazionale di Genova and other pleasure boating events, as well as the promotion of management models and infrastructures.

3 December 2013