Over the last few days, there have been many articles regarding the Salone di Genova: “sensational” articles, often supported by statistics. Genoa is better than Cannes, Cannes is better than Genoa, the future is in France, Genoa resists. We’ll leave the future forecast to the experts and will focus on the official statistics of the two events. Let’s see, with concrete data, who has actually “won”. We left the Monaco Yacht Show out of our comparative analysis as it has a very different target (entrance tickets cost 80 euros: a selection is already made at the entrance). We will start our comparison by pointing out that one piece of data – maybe the most important of all – is unavailable for both  shows: the number of boats sold and “deals closed”.


Exhibitors: At the Salone di Genova there were 750 companies, compared to the 480 at the Festival de la Plaisance. It must be noted that in Cannes a third of the exhibitors was Italian, 50% of the show’s surface area was covered by Italian companies, and 40% of the exhibited boats came from our shipyards.


Surface Area: The Festival de la Plaisance covered 300 thousand square metres compared to the 180 thousand of the Nautico in Genoa.


Boats: At the Salone di Genova there were 1,000 boats (of which 100 were on display for the first time) compared to the 550 in Cannes: the French show presented 150 new boats. Also, in Genoa, there were 51 sailboats compared to the 90 in Cannes.


Visitors: Considering that the tickets to both events cost 15 euros (free entry to children under 12), the comparison is equivalent: Genoa had 114,870 visitors, Cannes 49,000.


Other Stats: The organizers of both events also supplied other data that cannot be compared, but we are reporting them all the same, just to give an overall view. In Genoa there were 14 conferences, 26 public events, 60 laboratories at the Sea Experience Stage, over 1,200 test sales, 1,380 accredited reporters from 26 countries. In Cannes there were also 49 used boats on display and 30 catamarans.

14 October 2013