What was supposed to be a relaxing day at sea ended tragically. The engine failure of the large 25 metre yacht, “Sale e Pepe”, was the cause of an accident which claimed a man’s life. The out-of-control boat crashed against the Bocche di Puglia dike, breaking in half. Rescue was delayed by the bad weather.

Three of the four men on board were able to cling to what remained of the yacht. The fourth, who was piloting the ship, was at the mercy of the waves for two hours, notwithstanding various rescue attempts, first with the crane on the dike, then with a jet ski (which capsized, due to the rough seas). The weather did not favour Alessandro Colangelo, 52, from Rieti, who probably took a turn while trying to get to safety.

The Brindisi public prosecutor’s office opened investigations to understand the dynamic that led to the wreck.

VIEW THE PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE ACCIDENT (image source: Repubblica.it)

Taken from: www.barcheamotore.com

22 July 2013