As of May, a close relationship between Marina Genova Aeroporto and Marina di Olbia was forged. The two prestigious marinas working in the exclusive “pleasure sailing triangle” of the Mediterranean – Riviera Ligure, Costa Smeralda, Costa Azzurra.

Excellent news, therefore, for pleasure boaters planning to sail to Sardegna and who will discover waiting for them one of the most spectacular places in the Mediterranean, and even more dedicated services, for a relaxing, unforgettable, and convenient cruise.

The sales partnership, based on the complementarity of the marinas which, knowing the role each one plays for its area (Genova is the door to the Ligurian and French rivieras and Olbia is the door to the Emerald Coast), will allow them to work well together, benefit, and efficently transfer management methods successfully implemented for years by the “older” Ligurian marina.

“We are convinced,” declares Gian Pietro Sirca, Chairman of MOYS srl (Marina di Olbia Yachting Service, the company that manages Marina di Olbia), “that from the experience of Marina Genova Aeroporto we will have benefits and advantages which will increase our role in such a popular area. With Pappalardo, I found a common and strong entrepreneurial vision tied to the logic of investmen in real estate and focused on service quality and customer satisfaction.”

“Another marina in white gloves in a prestigious and strategic position,” notes Giuseppe Pappalardo, Chief Executive officer of  Marina Genova Aeroporto, “this is the first step for a strong integration of pleasure boating systems in Italy,” hinting that he intends to further develop this partnership.

The strategies that the two marinas aim at implementing in order to maximize results are: trying to deseasonalize and increase occupancy; reinforcing their presence on international markets in Northern Europe, the Middle East and Russia; becoming part of the major online booking systems in the Mediterranean; and activating, even in Olbia, an integrated service system for ground and sea (the Hospitality Desk, which is the heart and centre of Marina Genova Aeroporto).

“Our similar structures,” adds Sirca, “both tied to an airport and a lively city, are looking to the future in pleasure ports which needs, yes, beautiful places for sailing but also, and maybe most especially, need well organized services all year round.”

13 June 2013