Are you a pleasure boat owner who has not yet tried BoatNote, the ideal app for all your boating needs? Now you can try it for free. Liguria Nautica has developed and personally tested a new lite version of the incredible BoatNote app that will allow you to try some of its main features.


BoatNote Free allows you to insert all the details about your boat (and even send them via email with a simple click), add the expiry dates of your boating permits, make notes and monitor the details and cost of your mooring contract.
BoatNote Free also allows you to verify and review, by year and category, all the costs associated to you boat.  The lite version includes a nautically themed news feed  featuring articles from Liguria Nautica News our online magazine.


You can help us improve and enrich BoatNote by leaving your suggestions and comments in Reviews (in the App Store) or on the Liguria Nautica website!


Download via the App Store  or visit



20 May 2014